Friday, August 22, 2008

Superman Gets 2nd Celluloid Ride

CONFIRMED – Superman will get another shot at the big screen. That may or may not include Superman Returns director, Bryan Singer. The plan, according to Warner Bros. pres Jeff Robinov, is to build a foundation of individual characters and move toward a multi-character flick.

They recognized that Superman Returns didn't fly to well. Here's a hint: If your central character is deathly allergic to a substance (krytonite) then having him lift an entire island infused with the stuff is not what we call top-notch writing. Duh.

It does appear that they learned a thing or two from The Dark Knight, and are planning on exploring the more brooding sides of the characters. That probably works better for some characters than it does others. The dark side of Superman just doesn't seem right.

Harry, @ AICN, has plenty to say on the subject.

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