Friday, September 01, 2006

Jack 'n' Jill Don't Have Time To Do Shit

It seems that the Springfield bloggers are all very busy this week, as the usual list of posts has been rather light. As for me, I’m reading myself skinny. I have twenty-tons of reading to do this semester, plus a math class, which always takes me a lot of time. I have wanted to blog, have had blog ideas, but I have barely had time to write down thoughts for later consideration. I will post when I can and try to keep you up on what’s going on.

If this week is any indication, then my posts for this semester may be lighter than you are used to. On top of my 15 hours of classes this semester, I also have a 30-hour student teaching practicum to complete, which must be done over a 10-week period. Add to that a 15-hour volunteer project in a school environment or non-profit, and another 2-hour shadow project with a school nurse, and any time I had scheduled to study goes right out the window.

I hope my daughter doesn’t want to spend too much time with me because she’s shit out of luck. I’m not sure I’ll have time for sex this semester, and I’m here to tell you that will not make for a happy Jack. Sperm back-up is a bad thing, folks. May very well change the voice of my posts. I don’t know what to say except to just stick with me until this semester ends.

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