Thursday, November 30, 2006

For the Love of God, It's Sleeting Outside!

The price of coolness has finally paid it’s due and it was a comic scene, I tell you what. I am one big polar bear, with lots of blubber to keep me warm, but even I have enough common sense to bundle up when the forecast calls for sleet and 12 inches of snow. Not so with some college students. While I was bundled in a flannel shirt, Navy pea coat, boots, gloves and stocking hat trucking my big butt across the ice covered sidewalks of Missouri State University today, I saw it. So help me, I actually saw someone in a T-shirt and flip-freaking-flops. No coat, no hat, no gloves. He was cool, to say the least and I’m sure he was impressing the ladies.

I’m sure his parents are paying for his college, fraternity experience. I’m equally sure that his rich Daddy buys him books just to have them half eaten during some ravenous, drunken, fraternity dare. Dumb ass. If he was really cool he wouldn’t have been hunkered and turning blue while he walked. If he were really cool he would have walked tall, proudly displaying his family’s waste of a college fund on his stupid self. He was just a dumb ass who didn’t have enough sense to put on a pair of shoes and socks. I love being around the scholarly and erudite.

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