Wednesday, November 01, 2006

JACK’S Annual Halloween Freak Fest

My wife and I have, for several years, entertained the youth in our family with a Halloween Freak Fest. We have taken our young ones out for a spooky night on the town complete with scary movies, haunted houses and the haunted corn maize in Verona, MO.

This year’s party expanded quite a bit with the introduction of some new teens and adults. My teen cousins, Austin and Jessica came, along with Austin’s mom, Dede, and a friend of hers. Kitty Kat, wife of JACK, stayed behind and took our little girly to the annual fall carnival at her school. Proceeds of the corn maize benefit the Verona Boys’ Home.

It’s always a good time. Austin and I have done this for a long time, and as fun as the corn maize is, we’ve decided that the haunted houses are better. Our goal is to someday take a trip to the haunted houses in Kansas City. I’ve been to them once and it was a fantastic time.

After the spookfest, the kids stayed the night and we watched the Stephen King classic, Children of the Corn. By the way, I remember Children of the Corn being much spookier than it really is. The special effects, in light of today, just do not hold up well. I found the movie a bit lacking especially at the end.

The next morning, the younger cousin, Evan, came up and spent the day with us all. He’s still a bit young for the haunted houses. Saturday afternoon we watched the PG children’s horror movie, Something Wicked This Way Comes. It holds up to the test of time better than Children of the Corn. It’s a bit spooky for the very young ones, I think, but it’s still appropriate.

After they left we took a nap and headed to a Halloween party. This too is an annual party with some of our friends from college. Most of us have children now, and so they play together and we hang out and talk about what ails us. This year we had some old friends fly in from Seattle to join the party. It was nice to see them. The kids and the adults dress up at this party. We didn’t this year, which is unusual for us. I just didn’t feel up to it what with just having surgery. Everyone else dressed up and that makes it lots of fun when the grown ups dress up too.

Click here for the kids’ party
Click here for the college friends

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