Saturday, September 05, 2009


Answer: 13

One to do the right thing and screw in the light bulb so everyone can see.
Twelve to fend off all the crazies who call the light "facism", "Marxism", and "Nazism".

Judas Priest!


Jeremy D. Young said...

Why does color have to be involved in that joke? Which side is racist?

It doesn't matter what background the President has, he's taking the destruction present under George W. Bush and accelerating it.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why the Medical industry is in such bad shape? Consider inflation and medicare.

Why, when an experiment is so young, (Medicare is less than 45 years old) yet completely failing (Medicare is unable to keep up with the expenses) do we assume that the mechanisms which brought us from the birth of our nation up to that point are the things that cannot save us.

The government does not exist to ensure an outcome. The government exists to protect individual Life, Liberty, and Estates (all termed Property by Locke).

By turning and pressuring Congress to act quickly to add another layer on top of the layers of programs that are failing because they cannot work, he is inviting a back lash of rational citizens.

It doesn't matter how much you care about the medical services that people need. Caring and concern doesn't cause the Government to be capable of running the Medical Industry. It doesn't matter what people are in Congress, the Presidency, or the thousands of bureaucrat positions, it cannot work. Centralizing power of this magnitude will draw corruption faster than a bug zapper draws bugs.

It's not about opposing "taking care of people". It's about losing the right to do what we want with our lives. When a government is granted the power to keep everyone healthy, they are inherently granted the power to make everyone slaves. People should have the right to do anything with their own bodies they desire.

Freedom and Liberty are worth fighting for. If no one believed that, we wouldn't be a country, we'd be a collection of British colonies.

Freedom and Liberty are the light. Obama isn't going to succeed in bringing the light to anything. He may desire to do so, and think that he's working to do that, but in the end, his "light" will come at a terrible price.

What happens when the rest of the world sees our "dollar" for what it is? Not worth the paper it's printed on.

When China calls to collect all the money we owe them, what happens?


The remedy for hyperinflation is a dramatic reduction in the size of government and the conversion to hard currency instead of fiat money. Why not do those before it hits?

Jack said...


You ask a good question. I am very disappointed to report that the hatred expressed towards President Barack Obama is motivated (in part) by the man's race and background as well as his policies.

My belief is based upon my observations during and after the election. Race hatred can be read often in our local newspaper's opinion section.

Certainly, his skin color or family lineage is of no concern to some who oppose his policies. I know this to be true based upon those same observations. There are very good people out there who oppose the presidents politics but do not disparage him, disrespect him or even hate him.

Those same good people don't call him a Nazi either. From what I know, I would consider you a part of this rational, educated group of dissenters. Therefore the joke pokes no fun at them (or you).

I am, however, attempting to poke fun at an irrational mentality that hates him because he is some Islamic Nazi terrorist. You know, the same people who brought monkeys to the McCain-Palin campaign stops.

Or the ones who complain that the News-Leader prints too many pictures of Black people.

I find it so interesting that people claim government-run social programs fail miserably. Yet, somehow, there is still a strong argument that the government runs a well-oiled military. How can it be that a government is incapable of running health care but can effectively run the greatest military on Earth? I think government can do both.

But that is not really what I'm talking about. I am very concerned about people's irrational fears. Much of what people are concerned about are complete and utter lies.

It is irrational to pitch such a fit against the leader of the free world addressing children about the importance of an education. Education is not an should not be a liberal idea. To threaten the school and complain that a leader encourages children to take responsibility over their own education.

Irrational, I say. Irrational. Some of the that irrational thought is ingrained racism. So sad.

Thanks for commenting.

Busplunge said...

Good post, FJ.

My wife and I have observed the same things as you have.

Remember the local elected official who said: "It's not the color of his skin that makes him unacceptable...."

I am embarassed for us.

Bobby G. Keith said...

Hi Jack, I have to agree with Jeremy's point of view and I tend to think the larger segment of the population fall in the rational minded people category like Jeremy.

I think we cannot deny that racism exists in our society but it does not belong to a single party or a single color it's on both sides. I am Caucasian and I had an African American friend ask me if I was prejudice and my immediate trained response was "No I'm not Prejudice" and he said your wrong we all are to a certain degree. I had to consider that for awhile and I came to the conclusion that there is some wisdom in what he had to say.

A rational minded person (most people)will not look at such menial things as color of skin to determine where one stands on an issue. The most despicable act of racism is when someone uses it for political gain as in vote for me I'm this color, or the use of the race card in the face of dissent on the issues.

On the issue of Health Care it's not so much a question of can they as much as it is a question of should they. A majority of the people don't think so including our founding fathers. Name for me one benevolent government in all of history who's sole purpose was to serve it's people without any consideration of itself. It does not exist.

The number one consideration of an elected official is getting re-elected not benevolent servitude. Our founding fathers knew this and wisely placed a multitude of limitations on congress. Congress purpose is specifically to provide for our defense but nowhere does it specifically state to provide health care and would in fact go against the spirit of the document which was to limit government so that the most power remained in the hands of it's people.

Health care would be the largest single government take over in our history. In doing so they would have to regulate both the patient and the doctor in order to control cost . That would give them a lot of power don't you think?

The main point here is the government was never intended by our founding fathers to have as much power and the United States of America has become the greatest nation in the world precisely because of our founding. A strong house is built on a strong foundation, weaken its foundation and you weaken the entire structure. A majority of Americans still understand this and is actively in the process of defending it. Don't hate us.

Thanks for the post Jack.

Jack said...


The vast majority of Americans are not being rational. There is entirely too much "Marxism" "Nazism" and "indoctrination" remarks being made for rational thought to be the norm. That's my point. People are being driven by fear and it has become ridiculous.

Busplunge said...

Why, when I click on Bobby G. Keith's name to link to his spot, do I get directed to a site for women's plus size clothing?

Hmmm, is he jackin' wit us?

Jeremy D. Young said...

I'm sorry that I led with a comment about race, for I am most emphatically stating that it has nothing to do with this issue.

Both the Welfare State and the Warfare State equally erode our Liberties.

It is by cries of "we've been attacked", and "a nation in a state of war" that many real abuses were foisted upon the American people during the Bush administration. Significantly, there has been no real change in those abuses since Obama took office. Obama has not reduced our troop levels abroad, he has merely shifted some of them from Iraq to Afghanistan. The liberals who cried foul so loudly for all of Bush's administration have not cried aloud and in the streets that Obama and the Democrats that are in full control of Congress have not repealed the Patriot Act. Obama has not ended the practices of extended detention, he's codified them in a new project.

It is by alternatively swinging between Welfare and Warfare that we have built up the Federal Government into a leviathan so massive, so destructive to individual freedom that many have given up any hope of ever finding a place in this world to live in Liberty again.

It is the Military Industrial Complex that liberals were bemoaning so loudly that was siphoning off funds to Cheney's old company, literally losing millions upon millions of dollars in the process, and wasting billions on other projects.

Why does Obama make so many so blind? That is something to be said about Obama. He has pulled the wool over the eyes of so many. So many blindly "Pledge to be Servants" to Obama. He is a charismatic leader that delivers stirring speeches and leads us to destruction.

Bush was a deceiver as well. He spoke of faith and morality, and so many thought it refreshing to have such a man in office, yet he abused the law of this land in so many new ways, rarely reducing the scope of the Federal Government and often increasing it.

So, Jack, what exactly is the Federal Government good at? Are you not afraid that throughout the entire history of the United States of America, our National Debt is around $10 Trillion, and from 2009 to 2019 it is projected to grow by another $10 Trillion? Each of those 10 Trillions of dollars will put a burden of approximately $80,000 on each household in America. So in 2019, we will each have the equivalent of a $160,000 mortgage, but with no house to show for it.

Do you still say IRRATIONAL?

Oh wait, this is all before the new Medical Salvation Program. That's going to be free right? It doesn't matter how much the poor of our country would benefit from this program, because we cannot afford it.

When you factor in all of the ballooning costs of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and pre 2008 spending levels, the Federal Government has promised to pay for over $50 Trillion in benefits that it doesn't have, and cannot raise taxes enough to cover. What do you suggest we do about the very real financial crisis facing our nation? How long can your household borrow money and call your economic health strong? How long can the Federal Reserve fool the world into believing that the Dollar is the premier currency? How long can we borrow and spend before the whole thing collapses like a house of cards?

Is this light you speak of bankruptcy? Is it running to the United Nations to create a new world currency to rescue us from the ashes? Is the light to destroy our nation and make us dependent upon the global governing bodies? How else do you see the outcome of our accelerated spending? What good can come from destroying our entire economy? No worries, I don't blame Obama for all of that, Bush pointed us toward the cliff. Obama stomped on the gas.

We must let off the gas, hit the brakes and turn around in the other direction towards Constitutionally limited government. The Federal Government cannot give the people what they've asked for. It's impossible.

Jeremy D. Young said...

Oh, and let me say that the comments section of the News-Leader is a gathering of some of the most foul and undesirable people on the planet. There are people that don't fit that mold, but I don't understand why they participate. The anonymity of that message board is destructive and distortive. The majority of those people refuse to use any sort of respect for other people or even the English language. Please do not base either your perceptions of the right OR the left on anonymous forums of that sort.

People that spew forth hate, calling names and condemning entire people groups don't really deserve to be listened to... They should not be silenced by the Government, but they should not be listened to by citizens. The best thing to do to a racist is ignore their filth. There are racists in both the major parties. It's just as racist to claim that people need more assistance based upon the color of their skin as it is to claim that certain skin colors have limitations on their potential.

Bobby G. Keith said...


I really hope your right brother that it's just fear but what if your wrong?

I think there is a difference between fear and vigilance. Before Sept 11 2001 I would not have believed that people that hate us could fly jets into buildings in America but they sure did. I remember that I was not afraid but pissed and I realized that we had been living in a cocoon. America changed and I changed. I'm more vigilant now and opened my eyes to the fact that there are people who hate America (the way it was founded) both outside and inside our borders and they will do everything in their power to make it happen.

If my vigilance is unwarranted then nothing happens, we go on our merry way. Again I prefer that you're right. Until then I will be vigilant for both of us.