Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We Don't Care!

What is it with American culture that we don’t care what happens in our world? Are we so disconnected with our own souls, that we care more about American Idol and Tom-Kat than we do about persons with disabilities, senior citizens, our own communities, or schools?

I am on the committee to help pass a school bond issue for the Springfield public schools. I have some statistics that absolutely boggle my mind. In my school district, and I think you will find that these stats are state and even nationwide standards, we have a terrifying number of potential voters who are too apathetic to even register to vote. Here’s the skinny:

  • 35 percent of all residents in my elementary school district are registered to vote.
  • 43 percent of those registered actually voted in our last presidential election.
  • 75 percent of the voters are over the age of 60.

I always assumed that most of the people who voted for school tax increases were those with children. Apparently, that is just not true. If it weren’t for the senior citizens, the Springfield Public School district may be in worse shape than it is now.

I understand being upset with politicians and political ads. I, too, am tired of pundits and talking heads telling us what we should think and believe. If you read my blog post, I am a DEMUBLICAN, you know I am mad as Hell at those who force us to exclusively choose one political side or another.

I went to the PTA meeting the other night and spoke to the crowd about the proposed bond issue and how it will affect them. I stood in the foyer with the elementary principal and the secretary. The school secretaries in Springfield are all authorized to register people to vote. She asked every single person that walked in the building if they were registered to vote, and if not, they could do it right there. Without exception, everyone stated they were registered to vote. Liar, liar pants on fire.

I was only given 2-3 minutes (really) to speak to the crowd about the bond issue. So I just hit the highlights. Not one person had a question about it. Not one. I give a lot of presentations to the public and this audience was a dead as they come. This bond issue will directly affect them.

Like the current war in Iraq or not, (and I don’t) the fact remains that we are now there to liberate the people, and folks have been killed just for voting or voting the wrong way. Yet, they line up anyway. All for the right to be a free people. We are too fat on our own lust for the internal, that we have forgotten our roots. We are not, as a country, keeping it real.

ELECTION: Tuesday, April 4

(NOTE: I will be post information on the upcoming Springfield Public Schools bond issue. I will also being posting information on the new proposed change to the Missouri Constitution known as TABOR. Have you heard about this yet? No? I would think a change to our state constitution would be hot news, especially something this drastic. Interesting isn't it? Don’t worry, kids. I will provide you with information on it in the future.)


Unknown said...

We take our rights with so little regard. Why is it that it is considered a huge election anytime they can get over 50% of registered voters to vote? Then everyone complains about the results, especially those that did not vote. Stop your whinning if you don't vote.

Great post.

Bryan said...

As a fellow Demublican, I agree that the voting percentages of this country is an abomination.

You only have two responsibilities as a US citizen, Vote and Serve Jury duty when asked (I don't call taxes a responsibility) and most of don't bother to do it.

My motto when it comes to elections... If you don't vote, don't bitch. Can't get any simpler than that.