It is important for everyone – those who support or oppose the health care reform law – to understand how it will affect you, your community, state and the nation. I am collecting news stories and articles that define or describe how we will be impacted by this huge piece of legislation.

The New York Times created an interactive way to explore the details of health care reform. You can search for your specific situation so that you can get detailed information on how you, specifically, fit into the plan. It's really an amazing experience. It is amazingly easy to find how your particular circumstances will be influenced on this site. 

The Kaiser Foundation put together a Q and A style report on the health care legislation package, which includes the voted-upon bill and the fixes headed to the Senate.

In this document, The Kaiser Health News details the changes that will occur immediately. It also discusses the bigger pieces of the bill that will kick in later.

What Health Care Means for Small Businesses
A short story on the effects for those small businesses.

7 Local Faces of Health Reform
This photo story gives you a look at 7 real, hardworking people who will benefit from health care reform.

This document will continue to change as I find articles, reports or stories that give the public the information it needs. So check back often. Attention Fat Jack operatives: You can send links to any such article to