Saturday, February 21, 2009


Yeah, there's plenty of stress this semester. More than any other thus far in my program. That should not be misconstrued to mean that it is a bad semester. I am enjoying the learning immensely and I am happy. The stress is high – very, very high – and the paperwork is overpowering, blinding, breath-taking.

On top of that, my grandmother has experienced several mini-strokes called TIAs. While the American Heart Association states there is no lasting damage, that is not entirely true in Grandma's case. She has some serious holes in her short term memory and other issues. Thank the Lord on High that my mother is retired and able to help her. Mom is living with Grandma and helping her adjust and deal. Grandma has never been sick a day in her life so she is having a hard time dealing with any ailment, especially a significant one.

We check on Grandma most every day, which means our evenings are busy and late. It takes a toll on everyone, but that is what families do and we are glad to support her. I want someone to support me and my family when I get old and sick.

We have been leaving our little 6-pound Bichon-Yorkie over there during the days and many nights. He has done wonders to help her cope with her situation. He loves her, kisses her, and lays between her legs when she sits in her chair. He has done wonders to lift her spirits and keep her mind focused on something other than her situation. We miss him bunches, and bring him home sometimes, but he spends the bulk of his time over there right now. Dogs are amazing animals.

The other day he broke into her room. She awoke to a dog licking her face and commented that it was a nice way to wake up. Grandma has never taken up with animals before, so it's really interesting that she's done so now. But I'm thankful.


The CDM said...

Man, do I know what you mean about the stress this semester. I haven't had this much busy work in I don't know how long.

Busplunge said...

"We check on Grandma most every day...that is what families do."

Been there, done that. When my mother moved in two doors down, my grandsons went down there everyday to see her after school.

She would bake cookies for them and feed them 'pretzel rods' --which she called 'cigars'.

Later, as she was tethered to o2 tubing, she would play hide and seek with the boys. Austin told me that grandma is always easy to find, just follow her o2 tubing.

You're a good man, Fat Jack!