Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's Better To Look Good Than To Feel Good, Darling

It’s Monday morning and our city has been devastated by a great ice storm just three days ago. We have been without power since Friday evening and have been staying in a hotel. Springfield is a mess as is many of the surrounding counties. Cable, telephone and utility crews are being dispatched from other states to help. The Governor has announced the area as a disaster area and the President will do the same within a couple of days.

I’ve been calling electricians and tree removal services to work on my home, and have reported outages and downed lines to the cable and telephone companies. What does my wife want to do? She insists on keeping her two, previously schedule hair and photography appointments. She and my daughter get to their hair appointments. I am work on the house, change into my dress clothes, pick up the girls from their hairstylist, and take them to the photography for our yearly photo. We typically do this by Christmas, but we got busy and didn’t have time.

I clean up and wear my Sunday best, including a bow tie, and we traipse through the mall. Fortunately there aren’t many folks at the mall so we get there quickly and get our pictures taken. The girls really do look nice. My daughter wants her hair colored just like Mommy, except she wants her hair to be rainbow colored. Incidentally, the photographer did a nice job. The photos looked great. We hang out for the photos, and then head back home.

The worst ice storm in recent history and we head to the hairdresser and photographer. Crazy days, kids. The whole thing reminds me of my sixth grade year. There was a girl, named Melissa Gentry. She was wearing something that was uncomfortable == shoes, or a dress or something. I don’t really remember. What I do remember is her making a comment that it was uncomfortable. Sounded nuts to me to wear something that one hates. She says to me: “It’s better to look good than to feel good darling (in her best European accent). I knew then that girls were crazy as Hell, and at the same time I got hit with a small crush on her. That’s even crazier.


Jessica Hickok said...

I found your blog post very interesting. Thanks for letting me commiserate with you on this terrible ice storm while I read your blog. Stay warm and watch out for falling limbs.

Anonymous said...

Hey...Just to justify my thinking...Point #1: we got something done in the middle of this crisis (we literally couldn't do anything else). Point#2: what we did was the only warm activity we could do on that date. Point #3: it was fun and nothing else was fun that week.

I supplied you beautiful family photos, warmth, fun, and increased your mental health...and added some laughs.

Love you,

Fat Jack's wife