Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Call me elitist or a purist. Label me a blogging snob if you like. I'm not crazy about all the business-related blogs on the Springfield Blogger's site. Since the group got a site and started aggregating all the local blogs, my SGFBlog RSS Feed is full of advertisements passed off as authentic blog posts.

I enjoy reading blogs of local people sharing their insights, interests and opinions (even when I disagree with them). I hate having to sift through all the muck of the business posts to get to a post by a real person. More and more it seems people-blogs are being replaced by business-blogs.


chris said...

I agree there seems to be Noting on Blogs now but SEO and Selling your Product.All Post's now Seem to Be just Keyword Stuffed and Saying Much the Same thing. I don't do keyword Reasearch for my post's because i find it sometime Hard enough to Think of What i am Going to Write without Trying to Write it and Include these KeyWords

Busplunge said...

I agree with you Fat Jack.
Blogging is changing.

Ole said...

Jack - same rant a couple of weeks ago. My issue was when the News-Leader and Business Journal decide they need to be on our blog site then it's a club I wasn't interested in. At least Tony Messenger came out and shared a beer with us and listened. Now it's just about selling papers or ad time. I had my blog removed from the feed.