Thursday, October 15, 2009


The family and I ate at Ocean Zen tonight. We haven't eaten out in several weeks, mostly for my own health (and our pocket book). I've heard great things about the restaurant, so we thought we would give another sushi restaurant a try.

The Hawaii Five O and the Zen Dragon sushi rolls sounded unexpected and interesting. I suppose they were, but not for the right reasons. They looked nice. Everything we ordered looked fantastic, actually. And the atmosphere was tranquil and elegant. Primo.

What I found, though, was that the Ahi Tuna on the Hawaii Five O Roll was so encrusted in peppercorns that I could not taste the tuna. When I eat sushi, I expect – nay, I demand – to taste the seafood. That is part of the enjoyment for me. The same was true for the Zen Dragon Roll. The accompanying Sweet Kabayaki sauce was so indulging and overpowering that it was all I could taste, to the point of being sickening sweet (and I like my sweet things, thus the fatness).

I determined that while the atmosphere was wonderful, the food was over-prepared. I mean, Judas Priest. They offer a sushi roll covered in a butter sauce. Butter sauce!

No, I prefer my sushi to be a refined, elegant, yet not complicated or drenched in sauce or seasoning. I want to taste the intricacies of the food I am eating. When I pay $15 for one sushi roll, I expect to taste the fish.


Anonymous said...

"Yeah, something's fishy about that place!", said the blind man.

Ole said...

Most overrated restaurant in Springfield in my opinion

Complaint Department Manager said...

I've only been there once. It was definately the best place I ever had salmon. First time I went to a restaurant and got actually fresh salmon. Makes me wonder what caused the decline.

Anonymous said...

Ocean zen is sill the best they do new style sushi not old fashion or traditional. By far the quality is still there actually probably the best in Springfield mo.