Friday, October 16, 2009


NEW ORLEANS – Republican Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell has for years refused to marry interracial couples. He says he's concerned for the children. I think Bill Quigley, director of the Center for Constitutional Rights and Justice had a succinct point to make about the whole affair:

"Perhaps he's worried the kids will grow up and be president."

Hatred of African Americans continues to be a disgusting little wart on the rear of the United States, as is our hatred and fear of homosexuals. We continue to have people who will participate in discrimination.

Why this was allowed to go on for years is beyond me. The fact that it did is no defacto support for the action. Fortunately, Beth Humphrey (white) and Terence McKay (black) didn't just take his racism. They fought back. First, they found another justice to marry them. Secondly, they outed Bardwell for his discriminatory actions against interracial couples.

Source: AP via Yahoo News

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