Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The Bus is plunging deep into political discourse today, and for good reason. It is coming to light that hundreds of conservative legislators who voted against the Stimulus package are now cutting ribbons and taking credit for the good the Stimulus has produced. The head of the hypocrisy campaign is Missouri's own Roy Blunt. 

It seems the Stimulus did much more than opponents claimed. It put legislators in a quite a quandary to vote against a thing that ultimately saved jobs and created good things in their communites. So they simply take credit for the good things even though the Stimulus really paid for it. 

Saving jobs during a Depression-close recession is the same thing as creating jobs. The longer it goes, the more evidence that no stimulus likely would have left us with a full fledged, all-out Depression. A depression is not good on any society. Thank goodness we don't have one.

Thanks Bus-Man. Please keep driving; I need the ride.


Busplunge said...

And a tip of the bus-driver's cap to ya, Jack!

PS--to quote a bus rider, "I noticed KY3 even pointed out that Blunt was making his comments during a tour of a facility paid for by stimulus money."

Complaint Department Manager said...

You 2 guys were mean to poor Roy. At least I was a bit more subtle and dignified.