Sunday, February 28, 2010


The child of mine was spirited away with the cousins toward Oklahoma, giving the wife and I a weekend to ourselves. It's been a long while since we had time together as a couple and I didn't know how much I missed and needed that time. 

We have enjoyed long romantic dinners, movies, some shopping and much needed talk. I hope we don't neglect ourselves for so long as I don't think that makes for good relationships. Although our relationship is strong, it is much more connected now that we had some time alone. 

THE HANGOVER and SEVERANCE were much required R-rated escapes. THE HANGOVER, in my opinion, is a true date movie, but then again I am a bit strange. SEVERANCE was a whoop and holler comedic slasher.

Not to neglect our artsy fartsy side, we also watched INSIDE DEEP THROAT – a documentary film about the pornographic movie from the 70s that profoundly changed the sexual attitudes.  I had no idea any X-rated movie had such an impact on society. Thousands of regular folks, who would never watch porn otherwise, flocked to movie theaters to see DEEP THROAT. The documentary is rated NC-17 and is certified fresh (82%) by Rotten Tomatoes.


Complaint Department Manager said...

I would normally watch your recomendation of "Inside Deep Throat", but I don't look back on my previous work.

Busplunge said...

Several years ago I was in California stopped at a truckstop.

There was a table of books on sale, one of them was titled. "In Search of Deep Throat."

I picked it up and went up to the cashier to pay for it. The cashier made some comment about that should be interesting reading...I asked her if she knew who Deep Throat was, she said yes, she saw the movie.

She never heard of Watergate.


Jack said...

The name of the informant from Watergate came from the movie. Shows you just how influential the film really was.