Monday, February 08, 2010


Skinny Kitty called it before any of the news people even noticed. She saw right away, right after Sarah Palin made the crack about Obama being a "charismatic guy with a teleprompter" that she had notes written on her hand. Right on her hand. 

We laughed like crazy about it all night and into the next morning when the media finally noticed it. I told Skinny Kitty that it would have been nice to have TiVo so we could go back and confirm it was notes on her hand.
I don't get it. Good speakers use notes and high level politicians use teleprompters. They've done it for years. I don't get the big deal. Personally, I don't care if one has notes on the hand or a screen, but I just find it hysterically hypocritical to make fun of one while you do the other. 

Not terribly authentic or honest. 


Busplunge said...

Missed you at blogger's meeting this evening.

Anonymous said...

My point....yeah, Obama uses a telie but he needs some MAJOR kudos for meeting with the 140 some odd Republicans, alone, to answer their questions (talking points) and did a damn good job with no notes or telie on national television! What a fella....he knows his stuff.

Ms. Skinny Kitty

Sky Girl said...

Ms. Palin isn't totaly authentic? No!

Jim said...

It would be a lot easier on Palin if she would write her notes on Limbozo's ass. Ya know - they will be easier to read when they are at the end of her nose.