Wednesday, February 03, 2010


My reading interest has taken over lately, leaving little time to blog. I love writing and having my own personal online magazine, but the desire to read The Mice Templar and other titles have just hit me solid. Hell, I'm not even interested in writing this post. 

Were I not too tired to get out of this chair, I would not bother and just go read. Today was a rough one, kids. I tried answering email and checking on blogs but I couldn't. I just sit, click, daydream, and click some more – forget actually reading anything. 
I have nothing pithy, clever or even offensive to say. I'm just blathering on for no good reason. Are you still reading? I'm going to read, now, that is if I can get off my duff long enough to traipse through the kitchen and pick up a comic.

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Bus Plunge said...

Channelling the Beatles, Eh?