Thursday, April 19, 2007

JUDAS PRIEST! Campus Life Was Never This Crazy

Threats are the name of the game today, Thursday, April 19. An individual made threats against categories of people this morning at MSU. The police were called and he was apprehended at Craig Hall. According to one of FAT JACK's operatives, The Missouri Department of Transportation was also in lock down today after they received threats. The News-Leader has the story.

And this is why NBC was fretting over what and how much of the Cho Seung-Hui video to release. The public wants and needs to know, but there is also some accountability and responsibility. Some are nauseated at NBC's dilemma of what to release of Cho's video. Of course these same people have much more talent and experience when it comes to journlism than this short-timer from that field. Be that as it may, FAT JACK is not so sure that NBC should release all of the vile. What they have shown seems sufficient to describe the man's mentality. If the FBI, real psychologists and real psychiatrists need to know and study, then they can get the full monty for themselves. As for the rest of us, it seems only to fuel more hatred and craziness with little good to be gained. I am tired of the pop-tele-psychologists spouting off about his state of mind without having really studied all of the information. It simply makes for poor journalism and confuses the masses about what mental illness is.

Copy cats are inevitable. At first I thought we were giving Cho just what he wanted by giving him all of this media attention. Maybe that is thinking too rationally. Someone with a history of mental illness who is currently in psychosis may not be thinking about media coverage in the same way we do. Hopefully, the ramifications of this Virginia Tech shooting are over and we can begin to think and heal.

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Anonymous said...

I do agree with you on the playing of the video Cho left behind. My children, ages 10 and 11, were concerned with school safety and discussed it in school. The craziness of what happened was enough for them without my turning on the news and them seeing this guy ranting on and on. Plum scary!