Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Them There Foreigners

A Guest Post
by JB Coffelt, Owner/Instructor
Jim Bob’s School of Welding & Taxidermy
Lampe, MO

The problem ain’t guns and the problem ain’t the school. The only problem in the great state of Virginia (and the rest of the United States of Americans) are all the foreign people. The liberal media likes to call them foreign nationals as a way to try to confuse us, but that is no more than a bait-and-switch for what those people really are: illegals one and all.

The only thing the national news is doing correctly is telling us the real story behind this terrorist. I’m surprised they released his nationality to us, seeing how they want to coddle all those that don’t really belong here. They have probably figured out their mistake but it is too late. We all know that he was not an American. He’s just another crazy illegal hell-bent on killing innocent Americans, as is the current trend in today’s so called global society.

Why we think we need them to come over here to our schools is amazing. When will America wake up and realize that foreigners do nothing for us but bring us death and disease? When will America take a stand against those who wish to kill us because the majority of us follow the path of the one true God? It’s a shame that we continue to feel sorry for those who hate us.

It’s a good thing this Asian killed himself and saved us all the trouble. Now we don’t have some lengthy trial where our liberal justice system would stand in a quandary as to what to do with a terrorist. Just listen to the news to find out that’s how it goes. That illegal Rolla student (another foreigner this one from the Middle East) who faked a bomb is a perfect example. Everyone feels sorry for him and wants to help him, when what he really needs is a swift guilty verdict and a death row sentence. Too bad this didn’t happen in Texas where there is an execution express lane. We would have been rid of him already.

All we do when we let them come to our colleges and universities is to give them a quality education, which they can then take back to their home land and use against us in a terrorist plot. If they want to learn, let them learn in their own country and save us from having to be forced to talk in different languages.

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