Saturday, August 15, 2009


If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, and quacks like a duck ... we shouldn't call it a duck. Rather, we should label it as an evil plot to euthanize all senior citizens and create a socialized state of Hitlerism complete with death camps.

Judas Priest!


Jeremy D. Young said...

Why would I want Obama, Pelosi, Bush, Blunt, or any of them to take credit for my good works? We're not objecting to helping poor people, we're objecting to giving that power to someone in Washington D.C.

Calling people opposed to government power anti-poor is just as bad as calling people for Constitutional 10th Amendment rights racists.

There are very important reasons to oppose concentration of power in so distant hands. Helping the people in Springfield, MO, should be done by the people that live and work in Springfield, MO, not Washington D.C., at the cost of people in Oregon, Texas, Florida, and Maine.

It is the concentration of power that is fearful, not the possibility of helping people. Even if Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc are all wonderful people, the people that replace them won't be so hot, and they'll appoint their friends to milk the program for all the profit they can. It has always happened, and it always will. The solution is to put the power back down to the local level so that the power brokers cannot influence so much money and power at a single point of influence. The lobbyists aren't going to just pack up and go home as long as there are spoils to fight for.

Jeremy D. Young said...

Just as a numbers game, if you're a lobbyist, do you want to have to influence the 545 in Washington D.C., or the 50 States' worth of 100 - 400 legislators? What would happen if you had to influence every county in every state to force people to buy your products, or to pull the wool over the eyes of the public by buying off the independent and private consumer watchdog groups?

In the end, giving individuals the power to control their own destinies, to decide for themselves what herbs, foods, medicines etc they will use for their own health or pleasure protects people far better than a massive government program that can be bought and peddled by powerful corporations.

If you are concerned that the poor will starve, or be forced to die because they cannot afford medical care, then you need to start charities or other organizations that raise money and awareness to combat the societal issues that we are facing. It is immoral for you to demand that those 545 in Washington D.C. take everyone else's money at the point of a gun and use it for the purposes you deem worthy.

How offensive would it be if the Christian majority in this nation rose up and said that drug users would no longer qualify for medical care, because they didn't meet their standards? What if the Muslims managed to become a majority and demanded that infidels receive care AFTER muslims? What if athiests rose up and convinced the government that backwards and superstitious illogical people (those that have faith) were no longer allowed to practice medicine? Even in a wonderful "democracy" this could happen if the majority so votes it. That is why this nation was not founded as a Democracy. This nation was founded upon the principle that the majority does NOT always know best, and the Federal government is not structured as the all powerful giver of all rights. The ability for the several states to resist the federal government, and to be situated by the Constitution as more powerful than the central government has nothing to do with slavery. It is established as a safe guard against the rise of tyranny again, which is seen throughout history as the tendency of peoples.

Neither the Democrats, nor the Republicans are immune to the seeking of power. The best solution is to keep the power in the hands of each individual.

The CDM said...

WHAT, NO DEATH PANELS?!?!?! DAMN, I was hoping for that, I'd love to be on one as I have a few suggestions.