Saturday, August 15, 2009


Lately, there has been some talk about urban gardens, organic farming, and the like. You can read about Springfield's connection here and here. The two local bloggers hotlinked in front of this sentence have been covering Springfield's efforts at urban gardening.

Today the wife and I watched an outstanding documentary on farming, focusing on the failure of the family farms in the 1980s, and one man's journey to start organic farming in his community. His community farm became quite successful and connected people to the soil and their local farmer. THE REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN was just wonderful. I am intrigued by the intimacy between the food and field, the farmer and his patrons. Fascinating!

The nice people of his rural hometown didn't much care for him cause he was different – starting rumors that he was a Satanist, killed people, ran drugs and had crazy orgies. The people, as you have seen in the past few weeks, can conjure up all kinds of fantastic lies when they are scared of something new. It's human nature.

As you can see from the poster above, the movie has received serious accolades and it deserved them all. I highly recommend this documentary for anyone interested in urban gardens, organic farming, farmer's markets, or farming in general.

Farmer John at PBS
Farmer John at IMDb
Trailer from YouTube

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