Saturday, August 08, 2009


I have successfully managed to watch all three seasons of HEROES this summer, which took some doing. Now I am geared up to watch season 4 (Redemption) beginning Sept. 21. I have really enjoyed the summer-long HEROES marathon and found myself caught up in the drama of the show.

Mostly, I am enamored with the switching of sides the characters go through. I have watched people who were often doing what they thought was right in the most maddening and destructive (and evil) way. Some were aware of their evil intentions but others were not until it was too late. Even Sylar had his moments of attempted redemption. It was the transformative nature of the characters that kept me watching.

The new season will focus on two main storylines: 1) the characters from seasons 1-3 trying to live normal lives and 2) a look at new powered characters who have lived among us as carnival attractions all this time and are now ready to come onto scene.

Newsarama reported seeing footage at San Diego Comicon of Claire kissing her female college roommate; who knows if that will make it into the show or not. Poor Claire has had a hard way to go and she is, understandably, confused and angry. She’s in some need of finding her real self.

HEROES is one of the best shows on television, in my opinion anyway, and season 4 would likely be a great jumping on point, considering the introduction of new characters and a new storyline for the established ones.

The HEROES comics are also in line for a new season. I haven’t picked up any of them, but they are available in hardcover at most comic shops. I’d like to have those.

Season 4: Redemption
Two-hour premiere
Monday, September 21
8 pm

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