Sunday, February 08, 2009


You are going to have to forgive me my theatrical transgressions; I’ve been around fourth graders too long this semester. Be that as it may, I am reporting – or confessing, depending on your point of view – my adulation for STEP BROTHERS.

Yeah. Fart gags, vagina jokes and plenty of adolescent rambunctiousness made for a funny-ass flick on a Sunday afternoon. Go figure. I stopped seeing the 40-something Ferrell and Reilly as anything but 12-year-old boys cursing and spitting their way through life. Somehow it was hysterical, except for the ending, but I just ignored it.

The movie does remind me of my students and the expectations that we grown-ups put on our youth. We push them, rightfully so, toward independence and self-reliance, and it can be all too easy to remember that they are children. They will act like children. They should act like children. It is okay to fart and laugh and play and be silly.

(Keep in mind that STEP BROTHERS is rated R because it is full of sex, the f-bomb, and plenty of genital slang. I think that’s what made it funny.)

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