Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The Oscars of the Ozarks are open for voting and I've filled out my ballot. I did not, however, submit any nominations. The process was changed to include self-nominations, and I've never been a fan of nominating myself. Although I supported the addition of the self-nomination process.

This little blog has won awards the past two years and we think it is high time that some other blogs were considered. Some new blogs, some other blogs, something besides the same ones over and over. There's lot of good bloggers out there.

Had I the time I would have nominated Chris Brewer for Best Personal Blog. He takes on the church, his own faith, dogma, media, and all kinds of interesting topics. He does it with introspection and reflection. I love it. By the time I got around to thinking about nominating him it was too late. I'm pretty busy right now. I enjoy reading your corner of the blogosphere, Brewer. Except the football, but I don't like sports too much.

I did cast my vote for the many cateogories and I suggest you do the same. Big thanks to my good friend and fellow blogger, Larry, for coordinating it all. It's tons of work, and he does a good job. For my part, Larry, I hope we continue our tradition of hosting our events at Patton Alley.


Jackie Melton said...

I couldn't believe I got nominated this year! First time ever.

I just can't nominate myself for such an award, it would make it less meaningful to me if I had to nominate myself. I don't have a problem with other people nominating themselves, it just ain't for me. :)

I don't read Brewer's blog often enough. The times I have read it I found it interesting too. I'm sure he'll appreciate you noting it. I'm not sure if I have a link to his blog at JackeHammer. If I don't I'll try to update that.

Chris said...

Thank you for the kind words Jack and Jackie. I appreciate it when people enjoy my musings that all too often are blunt, honest, forthright and transparent. :)

We'll see you guys at the Blogaroni celebration, yes?