Saturday, February 21, 2009


The dingbats of Springfield voted down the 1-cent tax to fix the fire-police pension and we sent a message to the powers-that-be: no new taxes. We want to keep more of our own hard-earned money.

Today, grandma got a letter in the mail citing the reason for her home insurance rate increase. You see, because of the vote we have some newfangled rotating fire house shut down. So her bill went up $75. I don't know how much she would have paid out if the tax would have passed, but I wonder if it would have been $75 for a 92-year-old on SSI.

We showed them, didn't we? That checkbook gets cracked one way or the other. Now, we give that money to the insurance man rather than applying it toward fixing the police-fire debacle. I think that means we will end up paying more. We showed them, didn't we?


Busplunge said...

My home insurance went up too---
I asked my agent about it and he told me it was because of the ice storm of several years ago.

He told me some insurance companies had higher rate increases that I experienced.


Jason said...

That's very interesting. What company was it?

Jack said...

I better not say, Jason. I don't have her permission and she's too sick to really ask. I'm hoping she will forget about it (short term memory being what it is) and she won't fret. She frets a lot. But she read me the letter yesterday. She was very upset.

Anonymous said...

Mine hasn't gone up! I don't believe there have been any actual shut downs yet, at least not long enough for the insurance company to process a letter/mailing and get it mailed to anyone. They're using scare tactics.

Anonymous said...

This vote was not to frix the police/fire pension... it has to be covered anyway! It's the mishandling of the taxpayers dollars that got the CITY in the situation they are in. They mishandled our money and now they was us to pay for it. Stop and think of how much money you are paying out in taxes... all of them. It will be more than 50% of your earnings. Let's forget the signs, parks (especially dog and skateboard parks) and a lot of other things and get back to basics. Oh, by the way, let's get new government!