Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm Feeling Better Now

Things were much better today. One instructor actually gave us valuable information. It wasn't presented in the best way, but I got what I needed and that is the most important thing. I am excited to learn how to do a lesson plan. A real lesson plan, that is. Not this nasty little Madeline Hunter direct instruction nonsense that so many love to use, but a real lesson plan that is student-centered by allowing the student to construct his or her own knowledge and gain a life-long understanding.

We even [gasp] think about other learners, those who are gifted or those with disabilties, and how this lesson plan can be useful for them, for everyone. You see, teachers tend to make classrooms that are convenient for teachers and not centered around the learning of the student. For shame, says I. The classroom should be all about the student and what can be done to help that student want to learn and retain that knowledge. Grades, rewards and punishments should never be the center of any classroom.

There may be some hope for the classes this semester yet.

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