Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Truth Haters

Some bloggers really get the hate mail. I’m lucky that I haven’t really gotten any thus far, and I am not opening an invitation either. The closest I have come is when the Springfield News-Leader voted this blog (and all other anonymous blogs) not worth reading.

The Voice of Truth, a new member of the local blogosphere, has had his share during his short time. He has taken some heat because he does not equate Christianity with the Republican party. Andy (whoever that is) called VoT “worthless”. Apparently if you are not a Republican, according to Andy, then you are not a real Christian and also do not stand up for what you think is right. Interesting, because that seems to be exactly what VoT is doing by virtue of having a blog and promoting his ideas, but that would involve logical thinking.

VoT is not the only one who has taken heat by not always being a Republican. I think my friend, Larry of Simple Thoughts can relate. He’s had folks follow him after he made comments on another blog. He’s had his own special hater with a hard-on. People are crazy as Hell these days.

Now Larry and I debate often and we have a great time with it. Sometimes we get after it and sometimes we just gouge each other, but it is not hate filled. Usually it is because Larry is confused about the definitions of words and labels! Larry is more conservative and I am more liberal, but we are both Christians and we get along fine. So it amazes me when folks can’t just debate and disagree with civility and grace.

I think VoT is taking it all in stride, which is a good thing. He knows that there are members of the right and left that will not like him because he doesn’t condemn either one. The price you pay for thinking on your own.

By the way, I’ve yet to meet a liberal, any liberal, who wants to teach 5-year-olds to have sex. That Andy guy is crazy for saying such a thing. As someone who believes in tolerance, I accept his right to believe and say what he wants, even if he is nuttier than a hoot owl. Of course I’m just having fun with this Andy person. My guess, and I don’t know him so I can’t say for sure, is that he doesn’t really understand what most Christian liberals believe. Maybe there are not any around him or maybe he does not care to understand the real viewpoints of Christian liberals?

Blog away, says I. Write what you think and add to the civil dialogue. You might even have fun. For every hater, there are twice as many friends.


Unknown said...


Thanks for the kind words. I can relate to what Voice of Truth is going through. I had not had opportunity to check out his blog until you linked to it. I am enjoying reading some of his posts. He sounds like a voice of reason.k

Sky Girl said...

There are people like me who do not regularly attend church to avoid people like Andy (whoever that is).

Anonymous said...


Thank you for having my back. :)

It's been a really interesting adventure in the short time I've joined the local community of bloggers. I am taking it in stride...I learned very quickly the price you pay for thinking on your own.

I think I know what Andy was referring to with the kid sex comment. Sean Hannity apparently had ran a story where apparently Jocelyn Elders said there should be sex education starting in elementary school. (begin sarcasm) And if Sean Hannity said it then it must be true...(end sarcasm)

I just find it funny when I get branded a liberal because in all honesty I'm far from liberal. I'm just not someone who thinks conservative is defined by what the far-left and far-right has used over the last decade. There's too many labels stuck on people today anyway.

I hope that we'll be able to discuss issues going forward and while I'm sure we will disagree many times I doubt we'll ever disagree in a way that ends quality discussion.

Thanks again.

admin said...

I am left-learning, but have some conservative viewpoints. So I call myself a Demublican. Maybe you are a conservative with some liberal viewpoints ... a Republicrat perhaps.