Wednesday, August 05, 2009


For years the right wing has complained that the media is biased against conservatives. I offer this perspective: The Birthers conspiracy theory. The news keeps hounding the president about his birth certificate, writing stories on the subject in the face of numerous verifications otherwise. They just won't leave it alone.

According to the Springfield News-Leader, Obama's live birth in Hawaii has been substantiated:

  • A copy of Obama's birth certificate has been produced by Hawaii.
  • Hawaii has completed numerous verifications to ensure the president meets those pesky "constitutional requirements" to be the head bucko in charge.
  • Hawaii reiterated just last week it's contention that Obama was, indeed, born in the island-state on August 4, 1961.
  • also maintains he was born in the US.

How much more do we really need as proof? At this point, some people are so intent on hating him (which I cannot help wondering if it is due to his race as much as much his politics in many cases, although that is simply speculation on my part) that Obama producing his own document will do nothing. Already lawyers have claimed that the birth certificate produced by Hawaii is a fake. They will simply do the same if he produces one. It's a no win for Obama, so there's really no point.

As if the entire state of Hawaii is out to deceive us all. It's all a little bit crazy. I think the people who tend to believe that are also the ones who fall prey to the religious fantacism linking Obama's name with the Antichrist.

Despite the facts – the birth certificate produced by Hawai and the verification by – the conservtives continue their cause, clogging up the legal system with ridiculous lawsuits and costing the taxpayers all kinds of money and getting all kinds of press against the president.

And I wonder: How does this coverage continue when the media is so biased toward the liberals?


Anonymous said...

Your blog says: Hawaii reiterated just last week it's contention that Obama was, indeed, born in the island-state on August 4, 1941.
In this case he would be 68 years old. I don't think so.

admin said...

Thanks for pointing out my typing error. I've corrected it to show the his real birthday and the one listed in the news article.

Jeremy D. Young said...

The media is covering the nonsense to distract from the real issues we face.

The liberals made the national past time hating Bush for the last 6-8 years, what do you expect from the partisans on the other side?

Were you complaining about all the hate Bush nonsense?

I think it's all nonsense. We have all kinds of unconstitutional laws on the books and more being rammed through Congress. Republicans rammed through the Patriot Act. Republicans and Democrats rammed through TARP. Democrats rammed through stimulus and more than tripled the deficit after complaining for 8 years about the record deficits of Bush.

There are few in D.C. (maybe one?) that are working to protect the interests of the citizens of the United States. They keep reassuring the country that it's "all for our own good", but what is really happening is that they're inflating away the wealth of this nation.

Ditch the border line issues, and lets talk about the real assault on personal freedom and liberty. Health Care, Food Safety, National ID, Cash for Clunkers and others are what we need to be focused on. Do you really want these things rammed through? Do you want 1000+ pages of legislation to be drafted on one night, and voted on the next day? Does it matter what's on those pages, can that EVER be acceptable?