Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It's been a while since I posted anything funny, interesting, or frankly anything at all. But then one of my super hero friends, The Might and Sardonic Jason Rohrblogger, posted this apologetic top ten list and saved me from my blogging woes.

My favorite was number 4:

I'm sorry my actions have been perceived by others to be egregious. I'm not sorry for my actions, just the perception that they were bad.

Seems we've heard several statements like that from politicians lately. I make no apologies for harping on our politicians, celebrities, bloggers or idiotic taxpayers who spout hateful crap in the name of God.


Jason Rohrblogger said...
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Jason Rohrblogger said...

Ah, Jack, you are consistent linker to my madness, and for that I am truly sorry. Thanks for the shout out. Also please accept my apologies for all of the typos in the prior, deleted, comment...