Sunday, October 04, 2009


CHILDREN OF MEN is a bleak film in which civilization has erupted into paranoia, war and infertility. The youngest human has died and the violence against the enemy (be they immigrants, the government, or the milititant uprising) has destroyed what was left of an already dystopian society.

A former activist turned government agent gets caught up in an attempt to save the only woman on the plant still physically able to bear a child. They seek out The Human Project, an underground (possibly mythical) group that helps refugees.

The reality that people currently live in such conditions is scary enough. The fact that such stories could occur to people in the US even more so. CHILDREN OF MEN is distressing in its probability, but a quality film nonetheless.

I highly recommend for those with enough of a backbone to stand a sad Orwellian-inspired film. Neither the paranoid nor militant should watch as it will only feed their neuroses.

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