Thursday, March 06, 2008

He Hates Homosexuality, Not Homosexuals. Yeah, Well I Can Smell The Horse Hockey from Here

The nasty-grams on being typed right now, I can just feel it. In Tuesday’s edition of The Standard, the MSU newspaper, Andrew Simpson wrote an article on homosexuality. He’s not for it, which was apparent in some of his quotes:

“I refuse to believe that Fred Phelps and Pat Robertson are holding up the gay agenda by unfairness, intolerance and mercilessness.”

“Legitimizing the gay agenda will not solve the pain of rejection that is an integral part of the homosexual lifestyle.”

“This prejudice that you spoke of is warranted because people have been raised with moral standards and they feel very strongly about what behavior should and should not be acceptable, in public or otherwise.” (emphasis mine)
Simpson goes on to say that his objection is to homosexuality and not to homosexuals. A common refrain that we have all heard before, but one that we feel is nothing more than a flimsy justification of discriminateion Simpson betrays his own true feelings, of course, stating that the prejudice against homosexuals is warranted. Since when was prejudice a moral thing? So much for not hating homosexuals. I don't hate you, I'm just prejudiced against you. Flimflam!


Larry Litle said...

Do you think it is possible for people to love accept people but hate their actions? About a year ago, my daughter had a problem with lying. I hated the lying but loved the "liar".

I read the article through your link. It appeared that he was responding to an article or an opinion from a previous paper. It is hard to completely judge what he had to say without the context of the previous article.

I don't agree with everything that Mr. Simpson had to say but I agree with some of his general premise.

It is possible to love and care for people but dislike or even hate their actions. You can love them and not accept their behavior as proper or right.

Everyone does this in our relationships with others. It might be a parent or grandparent that says something improper and you have to tell your kids that we still love them but they are wrong when they say that. Do you still love them but discriminate against their actions? You bet you do! That is not Horse Hockey or Flimflam.

Sky Girl said...

Flimflam! "prejudice is warranted?" What kind of a moral concept is that? Flimflam!

I wonder how many gay people this guy actually knows and loves?

acline said...

I can understand "love [and] accept people but hate their actions." I feel that way about a lot of Christians much of the time.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy D. Young said...

I feel that the core of the issue here is the mixing of laws and morality. Unfortunately, not even Israel was successful at legislating morality even though they were the closest to the source. This is part of the message of the whole of the scriptures. Even when we know exactly what God has told us is morally correct, mankind finds a way to pervert it and stray from it.

Governments cannot establish morality. The United States Constitution establishes the best form of Government conceived in all of human history, even though it is not perfect. When Governments use the force of law to attempt to control the private behavior of the citizens it always leads to abuse.

The list of things that are immoral are so long, that it isn't productive to try to create in others morality. Christ paid the price of our immorality and gave us an example to live by. I do not think that Christians usher any souls into heaven by attacking and persecuting any particular groups of sinners.

Love the Lord God with all your Heart, Mind, and Strength, and love your neighbor as your self. This is what changes lives.

When the government tries to define how my children should learn about sexuality, such as they are attempting in California, therein lies a significant conflict, and this is often what people bristle at and label the Gay Agenda. Christians that wish to raise healthy and strong children will teach them to treat people as individuals. All people are hurting and need Christ, different people deal with different issues.

Larry Litle said...


Me too.

Larry Litle said...

There is discrimination against Mr. Simpson's view on this blog and in the comments. You are trying to take a moral high ground against discrimination by discriminating yourselves. You can justify it all you want. Trying to take a moral highground while doing yourselves is flimflam.

Where is the love and unconditional acceptance for all people that liberal preach? Oh that is right. It does not apply to people that disagree with you. Heaven forbid one might love the person that disagrees with you and hate their views on homosexuality.

Sky Girl said...

Disagreement is not the same as discrimination. I disagree with Mr. Simpson's view that "prejudice is warranted." I haven't discriminated against him at all, and haven't seen any evidence of discrimination against him here.