Friday, November 03, 2006

Harpool Has Something To Say

I've been remiss in my political coverage this election cycle. Early on I wrote about my the Representative race in my district, but that was before school got in the way. College has a tendency to do that. I've been so engrossed in what I have been doing, that I haven't written about the Champion/Harpool race. For that matter, I haven't written about the Talen/McCaskil race either.

Harpool has a lot to say about education, medicaid, taxes, public service, and of course campaign finance reform. Champion doesn't seem to have much to say anymore, relying on her name recognition only.

I am making time for Doug Harpool today. He deserves it. He understands the Medicaid crisis and how people have been damaged by those cuts. Champion does not, as is seen in the video above, but her's is the typical Republican mantra: No one who really needed it, lost any services. Rep. Viebrock from Republic says the same thing.

I am putting my money on the person who supports persons with disabilities who were drastically affected by the medicaid cuts. I support the person who wants to help education – elementary, secondary and higher edcucation. I suppor the person who wants to push for campaign finance reform. Harpool stands for all of those and Champion … well she stands for none of them. It's an easy vote for me. I only wish I had endorsed him earlier, then he could have used it on his campaign materials:

Endorsed by Fat Jack, or maybe
Fat Jack Seal of Approval or possibly
A Rating from Fat Jack

Either way, I owe him an appology. Someone that impresses me as much as he has deserves an blog post early on in the election.

I'm Fat Jack and I approve of this candidate.

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