Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Predictions Anyone?

Damn that infernal Blogger website for being cantankerous today. It appears to be working for the moment so I will post before it fails again. I really don’t know what good making predictions on electoral races does for us, but to show us now and again that the pundits are wrong. Other than for fun, it seems a bit contrived.

That is, unless you are making a game of it. Now that sounds like fun to me. To the member of the Springfield Bloggers who gets the most predictions correct: A drink of my choice. If you participate, then you will drink what I give you (from Patton Alley Pub) unless of course you qualify for an accommodation, but you best bring documentation. The good news is I’ll have what you’re having, so it won’t be all bad. All predictions must be posted on your own site by 7 p.m. tonight (when polls close). If you post early and want to make changes, then that’s fine as long as your last post is by 7 p.m. If you don’t have your own blog, then you are just out of luck.

Here is the lowdown on how I think the election will roll:

Amendment 2 (stem cell research) – PASSES
Amendment 3 (smoking tax) – FAILS
Amendment 6 (vets non-profit exemption) – PASSES
Amendment 7 (convicted politicians forfeit state pensions) – PASSES
Minimum wage increase – PASSES
Springfield Bar Ban – PASSES

U.S. Senate: Talent-McCaskill – McCASKILL WINS
State Rep: Champion-Harpool – HARPOOL WINS
State Rep: Dennison-Hagan – HAGAN WINS
State Rep: Marsh-Owens – MARSH WINS
State Rep: Viebrock-Brown-Rodgers – BROWN WINS
Presiding Commission: Coonrod-Roard-Jones – COONROD WINS
County Clerk: Struckhoff-Johnson – STRUCKHOFF WINS
Prosecuting Attorney: Brown-Moore – MOORE WINS

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you Jack on your Candidates. I hope Amendment 3 passes because I would like to see my husband quit his Skoal habit. Besides, we rank 48th in the country on taxes on Tobacco products. We are tied with Oklahoma at 17 cents per 20 pack and the lowest state in the union is South Carolina at .07. A majority of the states in this country have a 30 cent or more tax on tobacco products. No wonder St. John's Mercy Health system makes a killing on heart disease in Missouri.