Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Year of Blogging in Review

I the ought it might be fun to go back through the archives and pull out some of my favorite FAT JACK blog posts from the past year. Just for kicks and giggles. You can take them or leave them, read them or skip them. These are listed by month starting with January.

God is a Hermaphrodite

The Apple iPhone: It's Finally Here!

What We Need is a New Law

Vote YES on the Litle Anti-Fornication Law
Can you believe that I originally misspelled my good friend's last name? This argument is over, so don't bother emailing him with hate email. This was all in good fun.

A Fun-Filled Night on Non-Learning

In Memory of the Dirty Old Bastard
I sure do miss blogger buddy John Stone.

A Rose by any Other Name
Thoughts on anonymous blogging

What My Mother Taught Me
Thoughts of Mommy on Mother's Day

Quagmire of the Incidental

Special Schools for Special People

Poo Cheerleaders

Teachers Who Teach Teachers
(can be the worst teachers)

What Teachers Make
(Great YouTube video)

The Modern Church

The Religious Right
(You might be a member of the religious right or a redneck …)

Christians and Bigotry

Christians and Bigotry Part 2

Every Child Left Behind

Church of Christ is Not a Protestant Church
(It is the one real church set up by Christ himself, or so say the crazies.)

Just Admit You Are Wrong Already!

Sometimes School Beats the Education Out of Students

Snapping Mad: Beating the Education Out of Students Part 2

Every Child Still Left Behind: Part 1

Dear God …

JUST an Elementary Teacher?

Muslims Seek Reconciliation, Peace with Christians

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