Thursday, January 31, 2008

Musings in the Middle of the Night

It is 1:21 in the a.m. and my chest is heavy and thick with the junk. I can’t sleep, at least not well, so I am surfing and finishing assignments and thinking about how tired I am. So here are some rambling thoughts in the wee hours of the morning:

HONG KONG PHOOEY is headed to the house. I love introducing those great cartoon favorites to my daughter. God bless Netflix for keeping so many wonderful titles in stock. I cannot wait.

I have a test in PE coming up. No kidding? A test in a PE class? What is the point of that? Not that I mind being assessed for my learning. That’s the game. It seems to me that there are other options that would give a better assessment of our learning. It’s an interesting class. He talks a lot about the legalities of teaching and coaching.


I may be a bit tired of the same old hack from Jack Black, but I am still interesting in taking my daughter to see KUNG FU PANDA. I can’t help it; I love kung fu movies.

It seems like I have gained weight since starting a physician-monitored weight loss program. How does that work? I hate this. I really hate it. Suck it!

Dr. Phil is a bottom feeder.

I’m hungry for chicken and dumplings. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect meal to eat considering the impending snow storm. Speaking of, I need to see if it is snowing.


Nope. No snow, but it is colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra.

For some strange reason, I am listening to PM Dawn. Strange urges find you in the middle of the night. Could be worse.

Other interesting movies: Narnia 2, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and Hellboy 2.

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