Saturday, January 24, 2009


Skinny Kitty and I bought some Eggland's Best eggs the other day, swapping them for our usual grocery store dozen. They were more expensive and I wondered if there could be a real difference in eggs.

There is … in color, taste and shell. The EB yolks are deeper in color, the shells are thicker and the taste is ... well you can taste these eggs. We've decided that better eggs are better for us and we are choosing the expensive eggs for our household. The EB egg container's are recyclable, too.


Jason said...

Wow. The photo speaks volumes.

Jack said...

In the interests of full disclosure, I should tell you that I nabbed this photo from the net.

BUT, this is exactly what they looked like in my own pan. Others have noticed this, too.

Jesco White said...

Those are good eggs you got there, they ain't none of them sloppy eggs.

I am tired of eating sloppy eggs.

Duane Keys said...

They're even better when you have to convince the sitting hen to get up so you can snag em while they're warm!