Thursday, January 29, 2009


If – in order to create harmony and work together with people you disagree with – you make concessions and compromise and the group still openly opposes your plan, why bother keeping continuing to compromise?

That's the question that we discussed tonight in the House of Jack referencing the Obama stimulus package. Democrats added in all kinds of corporate tax cuts and other things to appease Republicans and attempt to bring everyone together. The GOPers, on the other hand, voted 100 percent against the stimulus package. Okay, so they are opposed. I get that. What's the point of keeping those concessions in the bill if the Republicans are not going to compromise? It's an important question that democrats need to answer.

The word on the street is that Rush Limbaugh has stated that he hopes Obama will fail and that republicans should vote against everything. I hope that is not why the GOP voted unanimously against the bill.

I'm happy with the fact that the dems compromised and tried to include tax cuts that would appease the republicans. I think that's important. Now that they have refused to even come to the ball field, I'm not sure what the next move should be.


Anonymous said...

We would all be better off if the Government would keep their hands and political viewpoints OUT of our economic, and private, lives! We got ourselves in trouble years ago with Government intervention. Now all the Democrats want to do is give people, and companies, money. Don't they know where the money comes from, and who will pay the price? The American Tax Payer.

Anonymous said...

Obama WILL fail, regardless of what the GOPers do. Socialism and Left-think simply do not work. He cannot help but fail. Of course, when he does, he will be quick to blame Conservatives. Blame and the victim game are about all the Left is really good at.

Anonymous said...

It saddens me that Rush is wishing Obama will fail. Like George Bush said, I do not want him to fail, I have to live here. Might not agree with President Obama but don't wish for his failure, I have to live here also.