Monday, January 12, 2009


Boy, did I need this article today – a good raucous laugh before I start the semester. This Metcalf feller has a funny sense of humor and snaps a hearty white towel on the buttocks of the pious hypocrites that often write for As The Bible Turns section of the News-Leader.


Jason said...

Yeah...true to form we get a letter based on misleading information to smear a group of people with whom they disagree.

Sure great to see dishonesty saluted and commended!

Anonymous said...

Please explain to the class, Jason, exactly what is "dishonest" in this letter?

Jason said...

When you're honest enough to tell us who you are we can discuss it.

JL said...

I was wondering the same thing, Anonymous 1:04. Anyway, can I ask the question?

Is it because (for Christians) the New Testament supercedes Levitical law?

Arthur Brown said...


The letter appeared, as if by magic, in my paper!

I'll ask the question:

What is dishonest in this letter? Is it because for Christians the New Testaent supercedes Levitical law?

If that was so, does it mean that we can do without fear of punishment what Onan got in trouble for?

(my word verification word was "SPEDISH"---look THAT up in your Funk and Wagner!)

Anonymous said...

What is Funk and Wagner?

Are you referring to Funk and Wagnall?

Angry Little Girl said...

Not WHAT IS Funk and Wagner but

Funkand Wagner (sometimes spelt "Wegner" but pronounced wag-nur) were two well respected tenured professors at a local teachers college before it became a non-regional university.

Funk and Wagnall is a dictionary.

Anonymous said...

I've read the comments and followed the links back to said reader's blogs. After reading several of Jason's posts, I can see that he is a fellow man of Christ. I am delighted to see more Christian writers on the Internet.

As a man who does his best to follow in the ways of my Lord, I would like to send a heart-felt and loving message to Jason. It is my opinion and only my opinion based on years of trying my best to be more like Christ. I often fail, Jason, as we ALL do. So please accept my gentle suggestion.

I believe that we Christians are often misunderstood and mislabeled. Therefore, we must be diligent when we go out into the world and on the Internet professing Christ. We are a symbol of God.

I think your comment labeling all of us who choose to comment anonymously as not being honest is unfair and my not reflect well upon God and Christianity.

I am a man of God. Because of my job, I am unable to put my name in the public, but I do believe that because this blog allows anonymous comments, then there is no deception or dishonesty.

I hope you will pray about my comments and come to your own conclusion based on your own understanding of God's Holy Word.