Sunday, January 18, 2009


Teaching is rough work on the feet. The days of sitting behind a desk or podium and lecturing students are gone, long gone. These days the classroom is full of active learning on the part of the students and constant interaction and evaluation on the part of the teacher. While students are hard at work, we teacher-types roam the room ensuring that (1) learning is taking place, (2) that the students are grasping the concepts, (3) that the students are being properly challenged, and (4) the curriculum design is meeting the needs of the students while achieving the goals in the Grade Level Expectations (GLE) set forth by the State of Missouri.

Therefore, we do not sit unless it is lunch time. To be very honest, the amount of time I sit throughout the day (not counting lunch) is no more than 15 minutes, usually completed in 1- to 2-minute sessions. No kidding. That means the old feet are getting quite the workout throughout the day. Some of us need that much exercise (and more) so that is a very positive thing.

As sneakers are not allowed in my school, I am left wearing dress shoes and those are not conducive to standing on concrete all day. After one week of coming home with my dogs a yelling and whining, I decided something must be done. I sought out a pair of high quality shoes that teachers, nurses and doctors might wear.

I found a pair that are especially good for feet, knees and backs. If they work – and I've heard they work well from the one person that I know who owns them – then I will report back to you.

FYI: Things are going great. I am very happy and I am learning a lot from a great group of master teachers.

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RunDeep said...

Don't I know it! Here are some tips:
I hear the brand 24hrs is pretty incredible but. Have not tried them.
Doc Marten's makes some comfy dress shoes.

Whatever brand of dress shoe you use, you may want to consider a different insole (Spenko is a common brand).

And my personal sole salvation?
Crocs. I kid you not. Go to their website and look up the Santa Cruz model. They are canvas loafers and look fine with dockers and chinos, but can't quite carry off real dress pants.

Good luck!