Monday, January 12, 2009


No doubt you've at least heard the Golden Globes were held last night. The film that was a huge hit at The Moxie, Springfield's indy theatre, was the big winner of the night. It's on the Netflix queue along with The Wrestler.

Good times or bad, we enjoy the Globes and the Oscars – especially the Oscars. Basking in high society is kinda fun for us poorer folks. At least that's so in our house, but Skinny Kitty and I have both been thespians at one time.

You can imagine my excitement to see Heath Ledger win, even if it is posthumously. That acting job was rad.

Did you notice that all the ladies were in gold last night and many of the men had the larger, butterfly bow ties. Interesting.

Click here to read this Yahoo story on the Globes.

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