Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Two months from now the highly anticipated movie, based on the mucho celebrated graphic novel, will debut to what I suspect will be packed seats. Can you believe I've never read it? I don't even own it. And I call myself a comic book fan! I'm going to remedy that this week when I pick up my comics from Stu. He's got a nice hard bound edition in the store that I think I will nab.

Natch, I want to read WATCHMEN before the movie, which might be hard with my packed collegiate schedule this semester. I want to do it. A Jack operative sent us this nice trailer plus commentary. We will pass the link on to you, along with some other linky-poos that you might find interesting.

Official Watchmen Site
Watchmen on IMdB
Watchmen on Rotten Tomatoes


Larry Litle said...

I hope you love it. I remember that you could not get into it when I lent it to you several years ago.

Jack said...

I found the art to be lacking. Still do, but I'm going to make a good faith effort.