Saturday, January 24, 2009


I took to the Intertubes this morning reading the Voices section of our local newspaper, when I came across some little linky-poos. That's right. Beneath each entry on the main Voice page were links to the article(s) that the writer was responding to. The same links also appeared in the sidebar of that actual stories.


I find it so helpful that the News-Leader adds those links so that we can read the original posts that spark such controversy – most of which centers around gay issues and religion.

A Rose to the News-Leader for providing the links and making their news more accessible and relevant. I wonder if this dude had anything to do with it?

The newspaper business is a cut throat industry. The stress is high, the workload difficult and it seems sometimes that no one is happy with your work. We did it for a while, but are much happier with our new chosen profession. I have sympathy for the folks who continue to plug away snapping photos, writing articles, and covering government meetings while the newsroom continues to cut positions.

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Chris said...

You're welcome :)

I voiced your concerns (no pun intended) to our Web folks and they thought it was a wonderful idea. They got right on it and now the links are live. Kudos to Matt Peterson, our data editor.

We've been trying to tweak some stuff on the web. You'll notice the web video is a better quality and we fixed a gray washout problem too!