Saturday, January 10, 2009


There's more to the blogging life than politics. That's what a friend of mine and I decided today during a quick chat among friends. He brought it up and I agreed. Sometimes you just have to write about something else. Blogging should be fun, enjoyable, a cathartic release; the personal blog should not be a chore and it should not be something you do to please others.

In that vein of pleasing myself first and the rest of you butt crackers later, I offer these thoughts about the flick Skinny Kitty and I just watched titled BURN AFTER READING.

Just one more fantastic film from the Cohen Bros. Man those two can flat make a film and they are always choosing different genres and styles. This one I thought was going to be more along the comedy line than it was. Don't get me wrong; it was funny, but more along the lines of a Cohen Brothers dark comedy.

The CIA super was funny as all get out. I liked J.K. Simmons when he was on Law and Order as well as when he played J. Jonah Jameson, the newspaper editor, in Spider-Man. Simmons is a great actor.

We needed that break, my wife and I. We have been busy lately and not seen too much of each other. In this, my last semester in graduate school, we will likely see much less of one another over the next 16 weeks. Netflix movies are one of the things that we can muster on a Saturday night. By that time I am too tired of homework and we can settle down to relax and just be in the room together.

As long as we've been married, sometimes just being near is all it takes to recharge and rejuvenate.

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