Saturday, November 07, 2009


Skinny Kitty has been bugging me about putting MILK at the top of our Netflix movie queue. We got it a week ago, but only got to it this evening. We weren't about to watch a movie during the afternoon, not with such nice weather in November.

The wife and I are unapologetic supporters of civil rights for all persons, including those who are homosexual. We believe that our grandchildren will look back on the gay rights movement and will link the knuckle-dragging views of the black rights opponents with those who fight to prevent gays from being fully realized citizens. These grandchildren will be ashamed and rightly so.

Sean Penn's portrayal of Harvey Milk was astonishing. I have rarely seen such extraordinary acting. I simply cannot say enough. It is no surprise that MILK garnered a 93 percent fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

A fantastic and tragic film about America's first openly gay public official.


Busplunge said...

My wife and I watched Milk last week.

I watched it mainly to see that kid from Springfield who was in it. He looked surprisingly like the character he played.

That Sean Penn is a good actor.

as does the Fat Jack family, the Bus plunge and PvtRN have always believed it is unAmerican to discriminate against anyone.

Personally, I do not think that two men kissing or getting married is a threat to my marriage.

Jack said...

Who was the kids from Springfield? I did not know that tidbit.

Busplunge said...

The same one who was in high school musical, Lucas Grabeel.