Wednesday, November 04, 2009


A male high school student was sent home the other day. He was wearing women's clothing because the teen is transgendered. He stated he had worn girl's clothes to school before, but this time he wore a wig and stiletto heels and was sent home for violating dress code policy. The policy does, in fact, have a regulation prohibiting wigs, but it is very specific referring only to wigs worn just to cover up a hair style that does not conform to dress code policy. 

Source: CNN (Enjoy the video)

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ben said... conducted a study among g 303 viewers of a news clip about a cross-dressing student who was sent home because of a dress code violation. Results found that that half of the viewers (61%) reported that they thought the school’s actions were appropriate. Furthermore, over one-third of viewers (37%) thought that the school’s actions were an act of discrimination and 55% said that if they were in high school they would support having this student attend their school.
More in depth results can be seen at: