Sunday, November 01, 2009


Costumed kids and adults were roaming the streets in flocks and hoards where my family and I went trick-or-treating last night. My neighborhood gets little attendance probably because of larger gatherings at the mall and in certain neighborhoods. For the past few years we have transplanted our Halloween happenings to one of those neighborhoods as well.

Throngs of ghouls and Star Wars characters cluttered the streets making it hard to drive. We stood in lines at most houses. It was the kind of Halloween you see in the movies, the old school kind of fright night. One house even had a graveyard set up and you had to trek through the spooky fog and tomb stones to get your candy. Another had a dead zombie in the front yard. And yeah, the person inside would jump out and scare you.

I estimate at least 500 people spanned the two block section in Springfield. It was incredible. I am simply surprised the media does not cover the event. I have no idea how the families can afford all the candy.

I know it is an experience my daughter will remember her entire life.

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