Monday, November 02, 2009


The city released three hyperlinks to local bloggers the other day to provide information on the pension fund tax. I'll gladly provide them here.

I'd gladly provide links to the opposition as well, but I don't know of any. From what I've seen of their argument, the message is straightforward "oppose all taxes because they come from the gov'ment". That is not good enough reason.


Busplunge said...

Some oppose this tax because their sense is that not every avenue has been explored in gaining revenue, like redirecting taxes.

Jack said...

Perhaps you are right about that.

It would be nice if the message of the opposition were clear and concise. The only ones out there being vocal about their opposition tend to be more fanatical than logical.

Since I ran my first post on this I have heard there are legitimate and logical arguments not to support this tax. Unfortunately, those viewpoints are not the ones we hear or read in print. That makes it harder for good citizens to make a responsible decision either way.

All we hear from are Tom Marz et al. and the message is foggy and antigovernment rather than focusing on the best avenue for the city.

Anonymous said...

VOTE NO!... Why, because a few of our city fathers (& mothers) got us in this mess by failing to handle things correctly. Now, rather than figure out a way to work their way out of the mess they ask us to foot the bill. How stupid do they think we are? (Guess we'll find out later today). They could at least look for ways out without raising taxes. Do we need a dog park, multiple parks, wi-fi downtown, etc. or do we need to live up to our committments and do what we committed to do. The city is obligated to pay this so the Police and Fire are not going to lose it, the City just has to step up and pay it, from some place. Stop and figure up how much of your paycheck goes for taxes. Maybe then people will STOP voting increases.