Friday, August 04, 2006

Finals Finally Finished!

Yes indeedy, I have finally finished my finals. Actually my last final was yesterday, but I didn’t feel like writing another school-related post. Grades are in for two of my three classes. My education instructor doesn’t use the online computer system, Blackboard. So I have to wait until August 8 for those grades. Where is my instant gratification? Damn that virtue, patience. Damn it all.

Two little weeks and then it’s back to the hack-and-slash of college. I’m hoping to spend some of this time off riding my bicycle, burning some fat, working on my next Karate belt, and especially spending time with my Cubbie. I think she and I may make a trip to White Water so she can swim, and I can scare the old women and disgust the teenage girls. Besides, after writing that last post I desperately need to hang with my bear cub and make for damn sure she feels loved, respected, smart and pretty.

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