Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sucking Democracy Dry

This lovely t-shirt called "Sucking Democracy Dry" speaks for itself. If they made it in biggin' I would buy one. Alas, they do not. Damn them. Damn them all to Hell. There's more to life than skinny folks. Still a good shirt. I found it for sale here and here.

Searching the web I found more politicial t-shirts and paraphernalia at I choose some of my favorites, but they had ones from both sides. The best part: They have sizes for those of us who are horiztonally enhanced. Gotta love that. Maybe I'll order me a back to school shirt, that is if my lovely wife approves this purchase.


RC said...

that george bush/statue of liberty photo is strangely disturbing.

--RC of

Anonymous said...

Bunny: I would be proud to purchase one of those shirts for you.
-Fat Jack's wife