Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Camp Hagan Makes Contact

I finally received an email from Camp Hagan. You may recall that I contacted Nancy Hagan, democratic candidate for the 135th district last month. My emails, one sent to her using my email client and the other sent to her through her website, went unanswered. I waited over a week and then posted a comment on my blog.

One day after the primary election (Wednesday, August 9) Kent Davis, treasurer of the committee to elect Nancy Hagan, contacted me. Following is the correspondence:

Dear Sir,

My wife (Nancy Hagan’s Daughter) found the below blog this morning. Nancy has made great efforts to respond quickly to all emails and phone calls she has received during her campaign. We do not know what has occurred in this situation, but will investigate the response time immediately. She takes great pride in representing the needs of her district and would love to discuss her feelings on the MAWD program along with any other concerns. Again, we apologize for the delay. My wife is currently on the phone with Nancy and we will have her contact you on an individual basis immediately.
If you have any immediate needs you can reach me at 766-6374.

Kent Davis
Committee to Elect Nancy Hagan

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Ron Davis said...

Fat Jack makes the system work!