Monday, August 21, 2006

Where Are the Mainstream Muslims?

Those of us who invoke the term “tolerance” talk about how the majority of Islam followers are not fundamentalist terrorists. We speak about how all Muslims do not hate America, and we defend the Koran, trying to inform the public that Allah’s teachings were not about war and hatred. Isn’t that what the enlightened believe?

I am a Christian, but I am by no means a conservative nor am I a Republican. I do not pledge undying allegiance to President Bush or the War In Iraq just because he wears the Christian moniker. As a matter of fact, I have spoken openly about my disapproval of using my religion in his war effort. There are have been plenty of demonstrations against the President and his war.

Maybe my perception is skewed, but where are the Muslims protesting the terrorist fundamentalists? Why am I not seeing reports of Muslims hitting the street and decrying these acts of terrorism and hatred in the name of their religion?

Is that because “they” all secretly agree with the terrorist attacks? Perhaps, but I don’t think so. Maybe these demonstrations are going on and I just don’t watch the news enough to see it. That is indeed possible, but I don’t think so. I asked my pastor this same question and he said that these anti-fundamentalist demonstreations are indeed taking place. Mainstream Muslims are coming out against the Muslim terrorists, but he asserts that the events are covered mostly by liberal religious periodicals.

If mainsteam Muslims are standing against their fundamentalist counterparts then why is that not being covered by the media? Is it not seen as a story? Maybe mainstream Muslims are simply too afraid of persecution by the fundamentalists? Maybe they are afraid of persecution by other Americans? Is this an issue for the Muslim community or simply the media’s willingness to cover the issue? I don’t know, but I want to know.

I think our country’s increasing fear of all persons non-white could really benefit from seeing mainstream Muslims actively demonstrating against the terrorist attacks. Seems to me that discrimination against Muslims, just for being Muslim, could lesson if there were an active effort by that community to fight the jihadist culture. Or perhaps, our country could benefit by the media giving coverage to this already occurring anti-fundamentalist movement?


Duane k said...

Good post, I've wondered the same thing.

John Stone said...

Yeah Jack ... a lot of mainstream Muslim clerics have denounced the extremists. I actually have heard fewer Christian protestant or Catholic ministers denouncing dominionism than Muslims denouncing the crazies on their side.

I think that it is greatly underreported. I suspect the reason is that the MSM doesn't think it's a story with any "hook". Nothing particularly interesting about sanity. Insanity will always trump in the media.

admin said...

John: I suspect that the issue is that the media does not cover it. But that would show a conservative bias on the part of the meda [gasp]. As my pastor said, he's seen such coverage but it only comes from liberal religious periodicals. That is a serious problem.

I've never believed in the liberal media bias nonsense. Those who runs media are interested in one thing: money.